I cried while reading your last ask! I'm so happy to see you're better now, don't let anyone bring you down anymore! Thanks for sharing! Love the blog, by the way!

Thank you so much! You guys also make me smile everyday. I’m so thankful for that.

Aww, you’re going to make me cry! Hahah~

How do you cheer yourself up when your down? I'm really upset at the moment and I was wondering if you have any tips to cheer up. Also, Congradulations!

I’m not Kalel but I’ll be more than glad to help you!

I have been through some really bad things in my life since I was 10. My family was always fighting and I just wanted to escape from them. I started cutting when I was 12.

At school, things weren’t going well neither. My classmates called me fat and a nerd every single day. I started to induce vomiting and starve myself everyday. I stopped this year, and I’m now 17.

I noticed that this was only bringing me down more. So I decided to stop everything and do what makes me feel better. I locked myself in the bathroom and thought “What makes me smile?”. 

Making people laugh makes me smile. I’m going to do that every day. Singing makes me smile. I’m also going to do that. Dancing, watching YouTubers makes me smile. Let’s make this a daily thing.

It’s easy to make yourself feel better. Hold on to anything that makes you smile, and never let it go. When things are bringing you down, leave them there and let the light you’re holding shine brighter.

I bet you have a beautiful smile, don’t hide it from anyone! I’m always here to talk! Love you~ x

Have you ever personally met kalel or seen her in public?

No, I haven’t… And sadly, I’m not going to Vidcon this year :(

Me and kalel always have the same color hair like i dyed mine blue green and hers was that blue green color and then a few weeks ago i dyed it brown and then like a few days later on instagram she had brown hair. We will forever be hair twins yay :3

Hahahah, this is great! Hair twinsies united!

in which video is your gif from? and also did you notice that Kalel changed her style recently? It looks like she's not really into fantasy anymore, but more into pastel/casual look... She is also wearing less makeup... I prefer her with less makeup! It brings out more her natural beauty!

Kalel deleted the video from my sidebar, but it was her first video on Wonderland Wardrobe!

Yes, she did! Kalel is always switching up her style and I’m in love with her new one! She rocks her natural beauty! 

I have a question about hair. Can you answer it? I love straightening my hair but in the humid days and sometimes even not humid days, it just frizzes and doesn't look good. How can I straighten it and keep it healthy and non-frizzy every day?

There’s many ways! Please notice that straightening your hair every single day leaves it very damaged, so try switching up some days!

I also like to straighten my hair, so before doing it so I always spray a anti-damage spray on my hair, to avoid the damage caused by the heat. 

This will also keep your hair from frizzing! Hope it helped somehow, heheh

joey graceffa just recently moved out of kalel's house and moved into sawyer

Yeah, I saw on Twitter! I wonder who’s going to take care of Kabuk now!

I'm so glad Anthony proposed.. it needed to happen <3 They're the best couple ever. :D

It was so cute how he proposed… You could see how nervous and happy he was at the same time, hahah!

I swear that when he turned on the camera and placed on his lap I jumped 5 feet out of my chair! I started crying hahah so cute

In your FAQ it says Kalel's first channel was KalelCullenTV, but I thought her very first was QueenBeeuty? Because I've been watching her videos since the beginning, I think less than a year after she began posting videos. Or am I just losing it?

Her very first channel was KalelCullenTV, she started being a popular YouTuber from there! And then she leaved KalelCullenTV for many reasons, and created QueenBeeuty.